Add Greenery to Your Property

Find healthy trees and shrubs in Poughkeepsie, NY

When you’re looking for healthy trees and shrubs for your property, The New Corn Crib Greenhouse Inc. carries a variety of options in small-to-medium sizes. The trees and shrubs at our nursery are priced competitively and fed well. We provide attentive care for all our trees and shrubs so they’re ready to thrive in your yard. We’ll be glad to talk with you about their proper care to ensure they remain healthy once planted. We also supply area landscapers. Visit The New Corn Crib Greenhouse Inc. to find the shrubs and trees you’re searching for.

3 things to consider when selecting trees and shrubs

When you’re ready to select trees and shrubs to plant, you want to find the right varieties for your property. There are numerous factors to consider, including:
The amount of sunlight the area gets
The condition and pH of the soil
The necessity for water

You should also keep in mind any mulch that needs to be laid or ground preparation that needs to take place. Contact The New Corn Crib Greenhouse Inc. to learn how to add greenery to your Poughkeepsie, NY property.

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